Doodle Art by Sarah Clottey


Imperfect Yet Loved Perfectly

Image of Imperfect Yet Loved Perfectly

This design reminds us that while we may be imperfect human beings, we are loved perfectly by a perfect God. The word ‘IMPERFECT’ is in grey with a black shadow and has parts worn away, while the word ‘PERFECTLY’ is the same in colour but clean and crisp. The words ‘yet loved’ in hand lettered cursive font is sandwiched between the two.

The border features numerous Bible verses that speak of God’s love, and you’ll find a few words and images among the doodles that portray some of the scriptures referenced. The outside of the border is coral-coloured that fades to lighter coral towards the centre. The background is very light coral pink. Coral hearts and dots finish off the design.

- Available in A4 and A3 sizes.
- Printed on 190gsm Bockingford Inkjet Watercolour Paper.
- The print comes unframed.
- Packaged in a rigid envelope